Air Compressor Tire Inflator & Toolkit


Car Air Compressor With Complete Toolkit

Key Features
  • Heavy Duty Double Cylinder
  • Double Twin Piston
  • Fill Air in just 30 Seconds in One Tyre
  • Super Fast Speed
  • 150L/Min Air Displacement
  • Protection Mode
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • 12 Volt Power Input
  • 13 Feet Long Wire
  • 8 Feet long Flexible Air Pipe
  • All Nozzles Stainless Steel
  • Self Lock Nozzles
  • Built-in Max 150psi Pressure Gauge
  • Psi and Bar Gauge for Air Pressure
  • Heavy Duty Lighter Plug.
  • Direct Battery Terminals.
  • Compressor On & Off Button
  • With Flash Light Option
  • Anti Slip & Vibration Resistant Bottom Base


12 Volt Double Cylinder Car Air Pump Car Air Compressor Tire Inflator & Toolkit


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