Anti Theft X1 Twin Hooks Car Truck Van Steering Wheel Lock


  • Make of high-quality steel and aluminum alloy manufacturing and lock beam inorganic teeth to resists prying, sawing, hammering, and Freon attacks. The design of hyperbolic lock cylinder to add strength and provide low mutual opening rate.
  • The lock time is short, fast and convenient use and put on. It’s very bright, and very visible to passerbys
  • Steering wheel can’t be fully turned with the hardened steel steering wheel immobilizer locked in position.
  • lock fork can be adjusted, suitable for most of the car steering wheel. Simple storage.
  • A very solid bar with a foam covered handle to keep from scratching your steering wheel. Easy to operate. Simple to lock and unlock with keys in seconds.
  • Snake-like digital lock technology, mutual open rate is low, good anti-theft performance.
  • It has a foam liner with any odor even though long-term use, you will feel comfortable.
  • High-grade workmanship, exquisite, strong metal texture.
  • The other end of the lock is Safety Hammer,solid cone head car glass breaker hammer is designed
  • to break auto glass windows, so you can easily make a way to escape.
  • Perfectly designed with modern needs in minds, this vehicle tool rescue knife is
  • a great safety tool that can help save your valuable life.


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